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下周,我前往盐湖城出席and speak at Alt Summit, a huge blogging conference. This will be my 5th time attending Alt, and I’m excited to go meet new people, make connections, and hang out with friends. Alt is three days jam packed with speakers, workshops, networking, dinners, parties, and more, and it can be a little overwhelming. When I went to my first Alt Summit a few years ago, I was crazy nervous about everything–what to wear, who to sit with, where to go and when. Some smart blogger had created a little printable schedule a few weeks prior, and having that little schedule in my bag helped me feel prepared and ready to tackle each day. I’ve really missed having something like that the last few times I’ve attended, so I created my own for next week. And I wanted to be sure to share it with any other Alt attendees that might be interested.

点击这里有页面1,和这里有页面2。Just download both pages and print (I printed mine back to back, but you can print two separate pages if you want.) Then you can make a note of what workshops, panels, and roundtables you want to go to and where you need to be at what time, fold your little schedule up, and tuck it into your bag. And as a little bonus, there was extra room at the end, so I also included a little wardrobe planning section.



  1. 这是太棒了。我对衣服很紧张。其他一切都是非常兴奋的,但衣柜似乎有很大的压力。背面的小策划员部分是完美的。非常感谢!!xoxo.



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