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我很兴奋地开始一个系列,我一直在使用几个朋友现在一段时间:无尽的夏季项目!我正在与亚历山德拉合作亚历山德拉仇, MJ from分析曹池和詹妮弗来自经典游戏每周给你带一个真棒,孩子友好的项目,夏天!我们为您提供了一个梦幻般的阵容,从后院游戏和园艺艺术到夏季抨击和记忆制作。要开始系列,我有一个美妙的花园艺术项目为您:马赛克踏脚石!


Nature doesn’t need much help in the beauty department, but a bit of handmade garden art adds a sweet touch to backyards big and small, especially when little hands have helped create it. Mosaics are a great way for kids to let their personalities shine, and to claim their own little corner of the world. These stepping stones are a great summer project on so many levels. They bring together a variety of bright colors, textures, and shapes, result in a long-lasting keepsake, and best of all, provide hours of fun over a couple of days!

garden pavers or stepping stones (ours were 12x12x2″ square cement pavers)
sanded grout (I chose grey grout to match my pavers, but you can choose whatever color you want.)
wooden paint stirrer
other materials:
disposable gloves
2 medium plastic buckets (cheap summer sand buckets are perfect) or empty coffee cans
1. DesignSet the pavers down on a flat surface. Get all of the mosaic materials out where you can see them and start creating your masterpiece! Mosaic pieces should not be touching each other, but should be about 1/8″ apart.我的孩子们实际上花了至少一个小时做这个部分。他们会开始一张照片,花半个小时创造它,改变主意,并清除所有的瓷砖,以便他们可以开始下次创作。

  • Combine grout (powder) and water in the bucket and stir for 5 minutes using the wooden paint stirrer; let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.
  • Stir the mixture again, then begin applying it to the mosaic with your hands. Feel free to glob it on, and be sure to wear disposable gloves (cement is very drying).
  • When all of the gaps are filled, use the side of your hand to scrape off excess grout. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point, but you should be able to see at least a little bit of all of your pieces. Let the grout set for 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, fill your 2nd bucket or coffee can with clean tap water.
  • When your wait is over, use a clean, damp sponge to wipe the remaining grout from the top of each tile. Rinse your sponge often in the bucket. You don’t want the sponge dripping wet; be sure to ring it out really well each time you rinse it. When the water is dirty, dump it out in the gutter and get clean water. Continue wiping the top of the mosaic until you are happy with how it looks. Allow to dry 2-3 hours.This entire step can be done by children under adult supervision, but I should warn you that wiping the tiles down takes quite a bit of time, and my kids let me finish that part for them. They did, however, thoroughly enjoy smearing grout all over their stepping stones. They could have done that for hours!

4. ShineWhen the grout is set, use a soft cloth to gently buff the top of the mosaic. This will remove any haze or cloudiness left behind by the grout. Allow to sit overnight.
5. Seal根据包装方向涂抹灌浆封口机,并允许完全干燥。这一步应该完成一个成年人。我们使用a spray-on grout sealer and it was very easy; we applied two coats, and the whole process took less than 20 minutes, most of which was waiting time.
6. PlaceWhen grout sealer has dried completely, find a nice spot in your yard or garden, and place your stepping stone!

马赛克步进 - 石头-2a


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PC_Endless_summer_classicplay pc_endless_summer_alexandra.

一定要调整亚历山德拉仇next Wednesday for your second Endless Summer Project!


  1. 哦,太有趣了!在做出那最后擦掉灌木时,有一些满足的东西,以揭示漂亮的石头。我打赌你的孩子对这个项目很激动!这将是为我们空阳台带来一些人格的好方法。我把它放在夏天的乐趣清单上。

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